The little bear blanket buddy

Another baby arrived into the world recently. Well, babies arrive into the world all the time, probably every minute of every day. But this particular baby arrived as a bundle of joy for my cousin. Unfortunately, they live up North (being a true Londoner- ‘north’ is anything outside the m25) and with Ramadan going on, and…

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A (little) new beginning

Hello all! It’s been too long! It’s actually been six months since I posted something craft related, and three since I’ve posted anything at all. Now, I haven’t been sitting on my bum, twiddling my thumbs- no, no. That would’ve been preferable to what I was actually doing. Which was: revising. Sigh. The bane of my life.…

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The little awards season

Hello all! We’ve finally returned from our two and a bit months of travelling around Tanzania and Zanzibar. Climbing mountains, swimming with turtles, laying under the stars. Sigh. But we’re happy to be back to the UK with it’s freakishly cold March weather. Brr.  But unfortunately for this blog, we’ve had to hit the books…

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