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This is my little corner of the Internet, where I share all things sewing and craft, as well as a bit of chit chat. I hope you find something to inspire you- maybe even get you making, or just makes you smile.


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Bra-vo Bra-vo! (If I do say so myself)

This is probably the quickest I’ve gone from making something to blogging about it but I was writing up a caption for my Instagram and realised, actually this was worth a blog post. Let’s cut to the chase… I made a bra! I made this. Me! I did. I actually can’t believe it. You may…

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Labels: the frosting of the sewing world?

This is a sponsored blog post with Dortex Labels* For me, labels are the cherry on the top of a craft project. They’re the perfect way to add a little personalisation, whimsy, humour or even just a more ‘professional’ touch to a make. Or in the case for my Ninni culottes- just marking the ‘back’…

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