thumb_IMG_9856_1024Who doesn’t like peonies? And who doesn’t like pin cushions? I know I’ve covered pin cushions before but here’s another super simple and easy pin cushion, even for a beginner! We were terrible with pins in the sewing room- plenty of pins where to be found on the floor. Though I’m pretty sure Taufiq would tell you that it’s the same in our flat as well!

Someone once asked me if I stored my pins for sewing in my headscarf, which is a fair question and probably not a bad idea! But no, that’s how I keep my hijab and it’s pleats in place. So as a hijabi and a sewer I have a lot of pins laying around, so a pin cushion is always good to have to hand.

Pin Cushion


  • Some fabric- you can use anything for this! I used left over scraps from baby quilts
  • Something round to trace around approx. 25cm wide (dinner plate/embroidery hoop)
  • Embroidery thread
  • Thread matching your fabric
  • 2 x buttons
  • Stuffing

I’d really encourage you to use scraps/ upcycle for projects like this. Old buttons from a shirt that no longer fits, wadding from a deflated cushion you were going to throw away etc.

  • Draw around your circular item to make a circle and cut out your fabric. Then stitch a running stitch (just a normal sewing stitch) all the way around the circle, making the stitches around 0.5cm long. This doesn’t have to be too neat, but try and keep it evenly away from the edge of the circle (about 1cm from the edge will do). I used a contrasting thread to make it easier to see for you. Don’t tie off when you get to the end, leave your needle on the thread.


  • Slowly pull the thread and you’ll see the fabric bunching up and as you keep pulling you’ll see the circle close into a little pouch. Keep a big enough hole for you to stuff well. I always try and squeeze more than I think will ‘fit’ to give it a nice plump look. thumb_IMG_9838_1024
  • Carry on gently pulling at you thread and completely close the circle. You might want to stitch it close at this point as well. Tie a knot and cut your thread.


  • Now thread your embroidery thread/cord. Go into the centre of the pin cushion (1) and come out in the middle of the other side (2). Looping the thread around the cushion, go back into the cushion at the same point you did in step (1).

1)thumb_IMG_9843_10242) thumb_IMG_9844_10243) thumb_IMG_9845_1024

  • Pull tightly and repeat at equal points around the cushion- you want to do this 5-7 times until you get the flower/petal look.


  • Now attach you buttons using the rest of you thread, one at the top and one at the bottom. You can see there’s different looks depending on which side you look at. One is smooth and the other more gathered.

thumb_IMG_9850_1024 thumb_IMG_9849_1024

All done! Here is an example of the top and bottom of two pin cushions I made.


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