“The Little Pomegranate is my space to be creative and express myself. Whether thats through craft or through my writing. I take joy in sharing my passion with others. “

— Rumana

I started blogging in 2011 as medical student with a little hobby, but now as a working doctor I hold on to blogging as my way to wind down and relax. As well as sharing my crafting adventures, I share lifestyle content- from home improvement, beauty, food and health & well-being. I’m also passionate about inclusivity and representation within the crafting community and created the #SewInColour campaign.

My Values


I aim to share the honest process of crafting (and life in general!) The mess, the mistakes, it’s all part of the fun


I’m passionate about raising voices that don’t always get heard and opening conversations around ‘taboo’ or difficult subjects.


I’m on a mission to make sure the sewing and craft community reflects the diversity within it.

I love with working with others, from big brands to small businesses. If you think you’d like to work with me on a project please get in touch via my email address: 

Media Pack

You can download my media pack which includes my values and core aims, as well as examples of my previous work.

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