So… this is my face. Hello.


You may wonder why I’m showing the face behind The Little Pomegranate after all these years! Well I’m so excited to say  that you may see this face a little more often… I’m a contestant on The Great British Sewing Bee Series 4!

Say what? The girl who once made a skirt which only fit over her head and had a wonky hemline?

The girl who burnt a hole in a dress straight after she finished making it?

The girl who only discovered what interfacing was two years ago?

Yup. Proof that miracles do happen.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been hooked on the show from the very first series in 2013 and looked on at the contestants in awe. Never in a million years did I think I’d actually be part of one of the best shows on TV. To be honest, I can barely believe it even now. I guess I just wanted to say to all you lovely people who followed me on my blog up until now, and all the lovely new faces coming by to visit- thank you! Thank you for silently watching me grow as a crafter/sewer and never poking fun at my awfulness. I hope this blog is a testament to the fact that anyone can pick up sewing and achieve big things. We all start somewhere and I’m glad I started here with you.


The Little Pomegranate aka Rumana

Catch me on BBC 2, 9pm 16th May 2016. Don’f forget to join me on Twitter: @lil_pomegranate and Instagram: thelittlepomegranate


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  1. Hello
    I only started sewing after I saw the first episode of the Sewing Bee.
    Great to have seen you on it.
    So pleased to have discovered this blog.

    Best wishes

    1. That’s so great! Hope you enjoy the process as much as I do, and my blog too!

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