I’m not sure if anyone has noticed the little tab at the top which shows off the lovely photos that reader’s have sent me of their creations. I wanted to do a quick showcase of the two most recent additions.

The first is from the lovely Heather at Pass the cereal. I read her post about making the blanket buddy(and other little treats) for her niece and thought, “whoops!”- Perhaps I should have mentioned that the pattern for the blanket part starts off skew-whiff but straightens out on it’s own! Oh dear, could have save you some time if I’d mentioned that before. Hope no one else had the same problem and had to redo the blanket or worse.. gave up!

Thanks to passthecereal.com for sharing this adorable bunny blanket buddy, made as part of a lush gift set. Lucky baby!- From Heather at www.passthecereal.com

The second one is from Sarah:

Another lion blanket buddy with a different take on the mane- I think I prefer this look! -From Sarah

Sarah ended up doing something slightly different with the mane on this lion buddy- only bringing it around part of the head. I actually prefer it this way! I’ve always thought mine ended up looking a bit like a flower pot man….

Keep sending me photos of your creations. I love seeing the variations and the colour combinations. And as always, feel free to ask me questions if you get stuck- there’s nothing I hate more than having to redo my crochet when something goes wrong so I wouldn’t want you to go through the same thing!


little pomegranate

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