Possibly my quickest make-to-blog turnaround ever! This weekend I’ve been busy prepping for R’s 4th birthday. She requested a flower theme and me being me, I had to get my craft on! I saw this cute idea of making lollipop holders for the party bags but couldn’t find the right design on Cricut Design Space, so I did what any crafter does- I made it myself! So here’s my free SVG for a flower lollipop holder.

It’s a really simple and quick way to add a bit of fun to a party, plus great for using up scrap bits of card stock. I thought I’d share it with you in case you wanted to whip some up, I think they would look cute for any Easter parties too!

So scroll on down for the free download (including the instructions) and mini how-to.

Free Flower Lollipop Holder SVG

Here’s the download for the free SVG and instructions:

I’ve included instructions for the Cricut Joy and Explore/Maker ranges (i.e. machines that can hold a scoring stylus). These fit both the mini and regular size lollipops.

Just a note: This has been made and tested on the Cricut range of machines. You should be able to download the file for other digital cutting machines- please do make sure you test it first as the instructions may be different and I cannot test this personally.

How to Make a Flower Lollipop Holder

What you need:

  • Card stock (medium or light)
  • Cricut Machine +/- scoring stylus (not needed for Cricut Joy machines)
  • Glue e.g. Glue stick or glue roller
  • Lollipops!
  • Follow the instructions to upload and prepare your SVG and cut out as many as you need.
  • If you’re using the scoring stylus, fold along the score lines. If not fold along as shown below (3 folds: either side of the lollipop hole and the top tab).
  • Apply glue to the tab. I’m using my trusty refillable glue roller for speed.
  • Place the lollipop through the hole.
  • Stick together at the top.


And you’re done. Pretty cute right? (If I do say so myself!) Other DIY touches are these Cricut Sticker Cardstock flowers we stuck on to some otherwise plain colourful gift bags and the gift tags. R actually stuck those flowers down herself! Yup, I’m training her early!

Hope you enjoy that little how-to. Do make sure you tag me if you make them too! Would love to see your makes.


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