IMG_7587I’ve found myself waking up pretty early today, despite not having to be in for work until 11 (oh yes, it’s weekend shift no.2 in the space of three weeks!) So I thought I’d do a quick post of a skirt I made during christmas. Luckily for me, I had Christmas off. Unfortunately, Tree was working nights. And being car-less I was flat bound, with just the Christmas movies to keep me company in the evenings. The perfect environment to get my sewing machine out, wouldn’t you say?

A few years ago I found this free pattern on the ever-awesome Burdastyle website, called “Obi apron”. I loved the shape and knew I had to make it, but I had no real need for an apron… So instead I started searching for a skirt variation which I finally found on the website’s “tutorial” section-hurrah! I wasn’t sure how it would turn out as a maxi skirt but I thought, why not give it a go!

I’ve had this duck egg blue cotton laying around in the drawer for ages. I originally bought it as a lining for a skirt but used something else instead. Every time I pulled it out to use it for something or other Tree would make a face (for some reason he really disliked the colour!). Lucky for me, he wasn’t around to make me doubt my choice of material!


The pattern itself was super easy- and the use of interfacing (best creation ever!) just made the skirt look so well finished, even Tree was impressed when he finally came home from his shift.


It’s definitely a pattern I’ll re-visit (partly because I’ve been inundated with requests from family!) but next time I think I’ll experiment with different patterned materials and belt styles. And add some more flow to the skirt. Because of it’s long length, I do find it bit restricting when walking- I end up having to do an ‘elegant’ geisha style shuffle when I have to get somewhere fast! But otherwise, I’m really pleased with the end product, and surprised at how quick it was to make up. Could it be that my sewing skills are getting better?… Ha! No. Sigh, I can only dream- wait until you hear my story about the laptop sleeve…


little pomegranate

P.S. Mannequins make the best jewellery stands don’t you think? (and in my case…hijab stand too!)

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  1. Hi Rumana!

    I’ve loved the skirt ever since I saw it on the GBSB years ago. I finally thought I should begin sewing myself and wanted to give this skirt a go but it seems like this pattern is nowhere to be found anymore. Any chance you can publish it and the tutorial instructions? Many thanks!

    1. Hi! I think it’s because the Burda Website updated itself recently and all projects got deleted. Not sure I’ve even got the pattern saved, although it wasn’t too difficult, just a wide waistband but it was a normal gathered (zipped) skirt.

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