cropped-cropped-LittlePomLogoBadge6small.pngIt’s been a busy few months since I last posted on my blog. My excuse: I’ve said before, many many times, life got in the way! I guess it’s inevitable when you start a new chapter in your life, you get swept away and find it hard to fit the ‘normal’ things back in. Much like when you’re a newlywed and spending every second of everyday with your spouse was all you wanted to do. This time, much less romantic, the new chapter was starting work. A career in medicine in notoriously life consuming, especially as a fresh faced newbie at the bottom of the rung. Even if you manage to go home on time, the day has left you exhausted and you barely have the energy to have dinner before dragging yourself to bed.

After a few months of getting ready for bed at 9:30pm (and that being the highlight to the day!), we decided that enough was enough- we had to start doing more of the things we love before we turn into work obsessed cretins!

So I started getting back to my sewing machine. Depressingly I found that projects that may have taken me a day or two to complete before, started taking 4 weeks to complete! Instead of being excited about getting back into crafting I found myself getting frustrated and pretty down hearted. I had even stopped checking how the blog was doing because it was so depressing to see my last post was back in October.

But then…I woke up on Monday, post-working on call on the weekend (the worst job ever!), to find a notification from WordPress saying I’ve had my most successful day ever in my blogs history! Despite me not actually posting anything, all you lovely people were still coming back to my blog- reading the random ramblings of my mind and using my patterns! If that isn’t a heart warming moment, I don’t know what is!

So thank you for all the support! I hope I have more time to do more things to share with you and I hope you keep coming back to visit my little world on the web.


little pomegranate.


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