kangaframeSomething a little different today! A long while back I got asked how to store pretty hijab pins in a decorative but practical way. I’m a big fan of displaying jewellery as a decorative pieces (my mannequin is currently displaying half of my necklace collection!), so was excited about taking up this challenge. I’ve also been itching to use the Khangas (printed cotton fabric) I’d bought on our travels to Zanzibar, with their bright colourful prints. jewellerystand

As with most of my tutorials (I hope!), there’s nothing too specialised in the ‘materials’ list. I’m sure you know by now, but I’m a big advocate of using whatever you have lying around. A lot of what’s on the list can be exchanged for whatever you have to hand.


  • Colourful material
  • Photo frame
  • Double sided sticky tape (or any sort of strong glue)
  • Beading wire
  • Wadding
  • Backing paper
  • Thick card


  1. Cut out the wadding and thick card to the size of the frame (mine was 4×6). When cutting the material make it approximately 2.5cm larger than frame, all the way around.
  2. Double sided sticky tape the thick card and stick on the wadding to give it the ‘padded’ look.
  3. Cover with the material and stick down the overlapping areas using strips of double sided tape.jewellerystandtape

    Nice and padded
  4. Weave the wire across the frame in a criss-cross pattern, folding over and securing the ends of the wire on the back.jewellerystandweavemetal

    Tape loose ends to the back
    Tape loose ends to the back
  5. Cut the backing paper to the size of the frame and stick to the back to cover all the mess underneath!jewellerystandtidybackjewellerystandback
  6. Place into the frame and adorn with your favourite jewellery.earringstand

The padding makes it perfect to pin your pretty hijab pins to; the wires: perfect for hanging those delicate earrings, and the frame itself: perfect for draping  those beautiful bracelets and necklaces.earringstandhijabpin

Here’s an (iPhone) photo with some tikas (the dangly south Asian jewellery worn over the forehead) and fancy+plain hijab pins too!



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