crochet penguinSigh. I think I should just open every post with: ‘AHHH I’M SO SORRY’ and with a sob because I never seem to have time to pick up my crochet needle/sewing needle, which in turn means I never get around to posting anything!

Ok, moaning aside… I do have a pattern to share! In fact I have another in the pipeline…and yes- you guessed it! It’s another blanket buddy variation (I might give you a clue of what animal I tackled later in the post…). But for now, here’s a little fella I think you might like.

He’s round. He’s squishy. And he jingles. Could there be anything more perfect for that new baby in your life?

This little guy was originally made as part of a gift set for Sunshine’s new bubba! Bubba got a blanket buddy, booties and because Bubba’s Mum is a huge fan of penguins (aren’t we all?), a rolly polly penguin. I sewed in an encased set of bells to make the toy not only visually stimulating for the baby, but audibly too (and I’m sure all parents agree- with little ‘uns, that’s pretty much a must!). I put the bells a plastic container (from a Kinder Surprise- as suggested by forums) so that they were safely contained and also still had a bit of a jingle to them. I then sewed that very securely to the inside of the penguin and then stuffed him.crochet baby toy

I don’t know about you guys, but I gauge how successful a pattern is by how much I fall in love with the thing I’m making. I have to say, Rolly Polly took a long while to like. He was made, stuffed and ready to go and yet I had that sneaking feeling that he just wasn’t my best work.  I looked at him long and hard but couldn’t pin point what it was….

Then, I started rolling him around….

Oh. My. Days. The spherical shape just makes him a perfect roller!

crochet ball
He’s so rotund!

Tree and I ended up throwing him across the living room to each other in leisurely games of catch, or kicking him across the floor. He was just so fun! I figured, if he can entertain two (nearly) 25 year olds, then he can most certainly entertain a growing baby! And so I fell in love, and knew he was worth posting about.

So here’s the pattern:Rolly Polly Penguin

I hope you enjoy it. I’m actually quite tempted to make myself one. Kinda miss hearing the jingle of him rolling across the floor. Or his soft round body hitting my face after an ill-judged throw by Tree.

crochet penguin toylove,

little pomegranate

P.s. Oops, can’t forget to give you my clue for what’s next in the trunk… 😉


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  1. He is so stinkin’ cute! Hey, I had a question about the new guy you are making, or rather, a request of sorts: I wonder if you could share a pattern for an elephant blanket buddy. Could you create one? If I might suggest something specific; there are several ways you can make an elephant such as change in size of ears, placement, trunk length, etc. I see an elephant with big ears, dumbo like ears, but only big enough to go from top to bottom of the head, nothing overly large. Also, the trunk I see rather stiff, cylinder like, and the curvature a curve and a half; going down and then coming back up a half a curve. I know you could pull it off, you are a yarn genius!! LOL I hope to see him around 😉

    1. Oh btw, I’m a huge dork because I didn’t read the *clue* before I wrote that. I found it when I scrolled back up LOL omg what a nerd I am. Anyway, now I am so super duper excited! I can’t wait to see him…or her 😉

    2. This is such a sweet post! I love how you’ve requested (hopefully) exactly what I’ve made! I’ve done a switcheroo of my laptop so haven’t sorted out my pattern template yet to upload the pattern but have a look at my latest post for a sneak pic of the blanket buddy! Would love to hear if it meets your specifications! 😀

      1. It’s really easy to make all these variations once the core pattern is done. Just whipped up my latest variation. Hope you like it 🙂

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