bow-tiful bootiesI’ve had a few messages and emails asking for the pattern variation for the bear blanket buddy, so here I am! I apologise that this took a while to upload. We’ve just moved into a flat at the beginning of the month, and for anyone who’s moved home- you’ll know how much of your time that takes! Then we didn’t actually get an internet connection until last week. And to pile on top of that, I had to work in the weekend. So it’s been slow progress in this Little Pomegranate’s world (with the main bane of my life being dining chairs! But I’ll rant about that some other time), but I finally got around to finishing off the pattern for the bear and the matching booties.

Now, the booties have also been a bit of a pickle. I wrote down the pattern as I made it up making the first bootie. I then followed my pattern for the second bootie of the set, but found I had to make some changes… I then got confused whilst typing it up, so made another bootie following the original pattern, which turned out fine…So now I have an odd bootie in my craft box. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a baby to hand to measure the bootie against (and I don’t think they’d take it kindly if I started taking my crochet into work and trying it on random babies on the ward…though it is tempting…). crochet bow bootieBut I did post it off to my brand new niece and the feedback was that they fit perfectly! So I think I sized it just right for a newborn. Hopefully she doesn’t have abnormally large/small feet. Funnily enough, feet are a contentious issue in our household….with one of us being nicknamed ‘frog feet’. The controversial part is who the nickname should be assigned to.crochet bootie

Anyway, now I’ve given my friend Sunshine something to mock us about…back to cute baby feet. I hope you like the pattern! I thought the oversized bow was super cute, and the whole set of bear and booties just perfect for a little girl. Let me know how you get along. As you can see, I do make changes to any errors you guys find.

Booties PDF: Bow-tiful booties

Honey bear blanket buddy:Honey Bear Blanket Buddy

Crochet bear

So which is your favourite blanket buddy? Is the bunny still your no.1? Or has honey bear swept you away? Perhaps you think the lion has roared it’s way into first place? Let me know what you think and any suggestions. And as ever, send me a photo of anything you make!


little pomegranate

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    1. Thanks for the comment! Glad you like the patterns 🙂 I’ve got another blanket buddy pattern to share, so keep posted!

  1. This is just adorable and so is your bunny lovey! I wish I had grandkids to make them for! Would it be okay to make a few and sell them at the farmers’ market in my home town?

    1. Hi, thanks for the post. Unfortunately I tend to ask people not to use my patterns for commercial use unless for charitable events. This is because I hope to (one day!) sell some of my own products. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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