Hello all,

This is just a wee update on one of my patterns for a crochet lace headband. I recently got an email from a reader asking for help with the pattern and realised there’s a mistake! Whoopsies. And also, because it was one of my earlier patterns it wasn’t as clear as it could be. So I’ve done some changes to the pdf (which is now available on the original post-click above) and taken some photos using thick wool to make it clearer.

I hope that helps! Please do send me an email if you get stuck or notice an error, and of course as always- send a photo of your creations so I can add them to my reader’s gallery!


little pomegranate.

P.s. I have some bow-tiful booties and some more blanket buddy variations  to share with you soon! So keep an eye out and subscribe!

P.p.s. Tree and I are about to move into a flat so I’m sure I’ll have some homely craft ideas to share too.

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