My mum arrived back in the country a few days ago, she didn’t take my story about the escalator very well. She pretty much ignored me waving my new fangled skirt in her face whilst giving me a stern telling off for ‘not being careful enough’. How many times can I say-it was the wind!!! Sigh. Mums. I say that, but this scene was pretty much repeated with my dad too. Don’t worry, lesson learnt- I shall be more careful on escalators from now on…

In the theme of maxi skirts (sorry that the last post was also maxi skirt related…but that one was a little unplanned…)- I was going to post you a tutorial on how to make your own easy peasy summery maxi skirt. I say ‘was’ because it didn’t exactly go to plan. In fact it went rather badly… Don’t get me wrong- the method is sound and it will be ‘easy peasy’ when I finally get around to doing it again (without my silly mistakes)… But for now, things didn’t go so perfectly.

So why am I writing this post if I’ve got nothing to share? Well, I’m pretty sure everyone has a stash of fails/ near-misses stored away somewhere? No? Yeah you do! In that cupboard behind the door? Under the floorboard? (Hope not for the last one). We all have them, those ‘whoopsies’ which we put away in an inconspicuous manner, perhaps even with a mysterious little hand waving Skipper-from-Madagascar style to make any witnesses forget what they saw. In the words of Skipper, “You didn’t see anything…”

Well, I figured that in the spirit of this blog its only right to share my fails as well as my successes. To encourage you guys to give things a go and know it’s ok if it goes wrong. I mean, it doesn’t look SO bad right? (A question I regret asking Tree/my Mum, who both replied that they hated the colour. My mum likened it to the colour of dirt. Lovely.)

Dirt colour aside, yes, I have to pull it over my head to get it around my waist because I can’t fit my legs through the skirt waistband. And yes, I do occasionally get stuck when I take it off. But you know, aside from that. It’s not bad. And most importantly, next time I know to make sure I make the waist band a few inches longer than my waist for the elastic to have some give and actually do what elastic is supposed to do. You know, stretch and all that. So lessons learnt. Fun had jumping in the garden. I’d say that’s a win.
“You didn’t see anything”

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