First off, hello!! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Thanks for the comments, likes and reads- sorry I’ve been away. I’ve been itching to work on new things to add to the blog but alas those horrid things called exams got in the way. Good news is- I don’t have another set of exams til next year! Bad news is- they happen to be one of the biggest ones of my life. But then again, it’ll herald the end of six years (yes, SIX) of university. That’s only got to be a good thing, right?

Anyways, to today’s post. There’s a story behind this one…

It being a gorgeous summers day (pretty much unheard of in London) I decided to wear one of my favorite maxi skirts. As we were going down the escalator at the underground station there was a whoosh of wind and I looked down to find my skirt caught in escalator. I gave it a yank but it didn’t budge. Calmly I tapped Tree on the shoulder and pointed it out and he started pulling at it too. I say ‘calmly’ because it was only when a stranger asked me if I wanted them to press the emergency stop button that I realised the full scale of my predicament- that we were quickly coming to the end of the escalator…and my skirt was still attached to the grinding metal. First thought was ”uh-oh”, and the second more reassuring thought was “I’ll just take off the skirt if worst comes to worst, I’ve got clothes on underneath” [I was wearing a full length slip underneath because the skirt is a bit too see-through for my liking]. The problem was, the slip was also caught. Enter thoughts of impending doom…

Thankfully, while my brain was busy conjuring up images of me in the middle of the underground station wrestling with the escalator, Tree had managed to free me unscathed- albeit with chunk missing from my now oil stained skirt…

The skirt’s not expensive (£15, New Look) but it seemed silly to go buy the same thing again. So I started thinking about ways I could fix it, but with the oil not budging and the hem looking chewed up, it wasn’t looking good… That is until I got an ingenious idea from a friend at uni. Two words- Colour. Blocking. Yay for trends! So off I went to the shops and bought £5 worth of material and fixed it up.

Little pomegranate-1. Escalator- nil. Ha.

White stitched detailing

What do you think? Was it worth the save? I love the colours- reminds me of ice cream. It’s turned into a completely different look. Unfortunately that means the things I used to pair it with, no longer go. Oh well, looks like I’ll have to go do some shopping. Sigh. Life is hard.


little pomegranate

2 replies on “The little pomegranate Vs The escalator

  1. Assalamu Alaikum…
    nice job!

    I’m getting into maxis now for modesty purposes – but I’ll be careful on escalators!!! :O
    You and your husband are final year medics, right? alhamdullilah, I’m a finalist too but not medicine – can’t wait til it’s over now. No more exams! Alhamdullilah! Although my husband has already finished mba a long time ago!

    TC 🙂

    1. Ws!

      Oh definitely watch out for those pesky escalators! I’m slightly paranoid now!

      Yup, we are final year medics (not for very much longer inshAllah!). Exams are in a few months, hence the massive lack of new posts on my blog! Hope your enjoying it though 🙂

      Good luck with your exams!x

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