Hmmm…I feel like there’s a theme to my last few posts and I’m afraid the theme is going to continue! Don’t worry, wedding season is soon to be over in this little pomegranate’s world so hopefully I’ll be breaking out of the box some day soon. P.s. WordPress tells me I’ve had my best day for followers since my last post- so hello to you all!  Each WordPress email I get is greeted with a huge toothy smile, so thank you!

Anyway, you may remember that I shared a tutorial on how to make a memo board (which has since been updated as my method has undergone some refining) but kept the purpose of the memo board a secret. Why? Well, it was actually used as a surprise for my brother’s wife-to-be as an alternative for a guestbook.

Tree and I were quite keen on organising something a little bit unusual for them, something they could keep forever. After some research we decided to go with a fingerprint painting (for a fun, striking centrepiece) alongside a memo board with message cards (for guests to share pearls of wisdom). We took a table and arranged the two, decorating it with some flower fairylights and candles- using an upturned wine glass as a candle stand.

For the fingerprint painting Tree drew the house from UP, a movie which never fails to make me burst into tears. Sigh, I wish I was joking but much to the amusement of my brother-in-law even the music will get me welling up- add in the visual montage of Carl and Ellie growing old and I’m sobbing- tears streaming down my face- like a little girl… Embarrassing admission aside, the movie UP has a special place in our hearts so was the natural choice for the artwork. Guests were invited to fingerprint in the balloons, signing their names next to their contribution.

The verdict? Guests absolutely LOVED the painting and couldn’t believe Tree had drawn the house. It was quite a mission trying to keep our cousins, 2 and 4 years old, away from it… mission impossible in fact, but we think their additions add to the charm of the painting. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself. I happen to be a bit of a Monica Geller “rules help control the fun” type. Yikes.

The memo board also proved to be a hit and was heaving with little note cards (printed with the same pattern from the invites-we like to stick with themes!) and also made for a nice place to display some photos of the happy couple.

Did I mention that there were TWO weddings? No? Oh yes. Two. Tree’s cousin was also getting married and as a surprise we thought we’d do a similar set up. This time I chose a more contemporary style for the memo board- going with a black frame, cream fabric, plum coloured ribbon and mother of pearl buttons. The memo cards were printed with a brocade pattern, also in plum, on cream coloured card. Like I said, we like themes. Tree also chose to go with something slightly different and drew…a tree. I have to say, the memo board just looked so lush. I really struggled to give that one away.

Again, the results were really beautiful and unique. Unfortunately, because of a communication mix up (one including us girls being stranded at home with the bride with no cars to take us to the wedding venue because all the men had forgotten about us…ehem) I didn’t have a camera with me to take any nice photos so I’m afraid you’ll have to make do with your imagination.

Just kidding! Of course, in this day and age most things that light up and go moo have cameras so I managed to take a few with my phone. But do forgive me, they’re not great quality!

So there you are. If you’re planning a wedding I really do recommend doing some sort of fingerprint artwork. I wish wish WISH I discovered it before my wedding, it’s so simple and so stunning it’s well worth it- whether you draw/print your picture. As ever, here’s the low down on the materials we used and the shops we bought them from.

Fingerprint painting

  • Nyttja frame (in white 54×74 cm, £7.19; in black 54×54 cm, £5.99; Both from IKEA)
  • Ink pad (£1.99, Hobbycraft)


  • Fjallsta frame (50×70 cm; £19.99, IKEA)

I’d love to see/hear from you if you do take up any of these ideas so do send a message/photo along to my email address. Just please don’t spam me with clips from UP, there’s only so many tissues in the house.


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  1. Both ideas are incredibly cute! I’m saving all these ideas in a box for when the time comes! 🙂 P.S. I’ve only ever watched UP once, to save my tears for other moments in my life, like your words after you left the Sewing Bee 🙂

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