The little wishing tree

When it came to guest books we fancied something different, something which would make for a pretty display. After trawling through the internet for ideas we found the wishing tree. But like with most wedding things, it comes with a rather large price tag. So we thought, “we can do this”- essentially all we needed…

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The little wedding

Having just got married this year, I have a few wedding themed ideas to share with you. You see, not only am I quite keen on DIY projects, so is my husband- he’s also loads fussier than I am so really it worked quite well for us to do things ourselves to our own taste…

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Hello world!

Welcome to the little pomegranate! Hopefully this blog will be teaming with ideas, inspiration and tutorials to get to you crafting, ‘sew the seed’ as some might put it. Please feel free to comment, share tips, asks questions or just have a wander around. love, little pomegranate  

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