Look what came through my post box. Gush. Expect some ribbon embroidery coming your way.

And also, some free patterns. I’m currently working on a scarf for Tree (for the sake of privacy and to stop me typing ‘my husband’ a million times, and because his name starts with ‘T’ and because the logo has a tree and he is a tree to me [look at me rhyme!] I shall now refer to him as Tree.) He obviously had to choose the world’s most complicated pattern and the largest ball of wool to go with it- I kid you not, it’s the size of a watermelon- so it’s taking me a while to make and with uni starting back up next week I’ve already told him to expect it next winter. Don’t worry, you wont have to wait that long for the pattern, I will try to post it up as soon as I learn to take a decent photo of the scarf with my camera.

I have, however, finished my scarf. Yay! (Thanks to sitting through some ‘interesting’ lectures, I got most of it done quite quickly.) It’s a simple knit-purl rib style scarf made from Sidar big softie wool, so its lovely and..er…soft.

And for those who know not how to crochet or what a knit or purl or even what ribbon embroidery is, never fear. I plan to put up some tutorials to give you a helping hand.

But until then, my door is open at thelittlepomegranate@gmail.com and of course on this very blog, so feel free to give me a poke or ask a question.


little pomegranate

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