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The second of my Cricut Ramadan Projects is live! This week I’m bringing you two deceptively simple cards to make- one for Ramadan and one blank one which you could use for Eid and for anything else really. The lattice card is genuinely one of my favourite Cricut makes ever- I adore the colour combinations and the block contrast of the cutout pattern. I made that sample and thought “this is ‘me’ in a card”

Card sending is definitely something I’ve fallen back in love with since the pandemic began. It’s been a lovely way to reconnect with loved ones when we can’t be together physically. But there’s more to it than that…If you caught my Instagram stories the other day, you’ll know that I was crying over cards. Why? Because it brought back memories of the birthday cards my grandad used to send me every year, all the way from Bangladesh. Something I didn’t think too much of as a child, brought me to full-on-snotty-tears as an adult. The fact that someone thought about me and cared enough to go out, get a card and send it to me just fills my heart with so much love. And I think it’s mind-blowing that 16 years after his death, I still feel him here, feel his warm-soft, comfy, love that only a grandad can give, just like it was yesterday. And all from a little paper card…Magical

Anyway, if you want to send that little token to someone you care for, look no further! As ever, the cut files (SVG) are completely free for you to download and use (for personal use). You’ll find the files to download here and I’ll also link it through the the blog tutorial over on the Cricut UK Blog.

Ramadan Kareem Card

Click here for the zip file (this includes the SVG cut file and the PDF of the instructions)

Lattice Card

Click here for the zip file (this includes the SVG cut file and the PDF of the instructions)

I really hope you enjoy making these! And as always if you have any questions or get stuck, shoot me over an email or message.

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*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with CricutAll views and opinions are my own.

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    1. you should be able to as it’s a generic SVG file but I would recommend doing a test cut because I’ve only cut it with my Cricut!

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