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One of the best bits about being a crafter is being able to create bespoke, unique things for yourself (and others!) Growing up as a Muslim it was a very different landscape compared to now- I’m trying to think back to the first time I saw any ‘Eid’ or ‘Ramadan’ products in the shops when I was kid and I can’t really think anything. But I do remember walking around those ‘back to school’ personalised pencil cases/pens/keyring stalls and knowing for sure I’d never find a ‘Rumana’ in there…

But these days not only can we buy beautiful products, we can make them ourselves. And it’s really wonderful to have that experience. And now I have a daughter, even more fun being able to share it with her. This year I’m so excited about partnering up with Cricut to bring you a collection of Ramadan and Eid Cricut projects. It’s been so much fun to design them, even if it was a steep learning curve getting my head around Illustrator and SVGs. But I hope you’ll agree it was all worth it!

Over the next month I’ll be showing you how to make these Ramadan Countdown Calendars, cards, Cake toppers and personalised gift bags. The cut files (SVG) are completely free for you to download and use for personal use. You’ll find the files to download here and I’ll also link it through the the blog/videos tutorials over on the Cricut UK Blog/Instagram.

Ramadan Countdown Calendar

These countdown calendars are actually so simple to make with the Cricut machine doing the hard work. I love the way they look and think they would look great sized up for gift bags. Before you click download you’ll need to read through the instructions so you know how to upload the file into Design Space and edit the files so you get the score lines etc in the right place (if that sounds like gibberish, I promise I’ll talk you through it). It’s also worth running a test cut before you dive into your precious card stock. But having made more than 30 of these myself, I can vouch for it not being too difficult to make. Plus I’ve even got a full video tutorial for you to make it that much easier!

The finished size of these little bags are: 82mm height, 64mm width and 27mm deep. Just big enough for a couple of chocolates and a little note/sticker. I’ve also designed them to reduce waste paper, so you can fit two bags on one A4 sheet of paper or six on the large Cricut card stock (I’m using the Jewel Card stock).

Click here for the zip file (this includes the SVG cut file and the PDF of the instructions) or the Design Space link. And as always if you have any questions or get stuck, shoot me over an email or message.

And don’t forget to tag us if you do make any of these projects. I hope you’ll be reaching for these year after year, I know I will!


*This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Cricut. All views and opinions are my own.

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