One of the things I love about Spoonflower is the massive range of prints and patterns (and the fabric types). But also one of the things that makes it quite overwhelming to navigate is the massive range of prints and patterns! I’m that person who can’t make decisions on a whim so this can really stress me out. You might even say, a ‘chronic overthinker’…

Anyway, as an official Spoonflower Ambassador* (ooh la la, had to drop that in there), you’re probably going to see more beautiful prints coming your way and I’ve found a quick an easy way to share my Spoonflower picks in case you wanted to buy the print yourself. I’ve created a public collection of my fabric choices so you can just click through the link and go straight to the patterns. Whoop! I haven’t figured out the best way to categorise them/name the collections so forgive me if that changes over time- I think it will most likely relate back to the sewing project I use it for. But because this one is currently secret (oo-er), it doesn’t really have a category?

Regardless, for my public collections click here. And for this specific group of patterns pictured click here. Going forward I’ll also post links to specific fabrics as a simple blog post under “Spoonflower Fabric Picks” so if you ever wanted to look for a specific pattern you could always find it by clicking/searching that category on my blog.

Hope that helps!


*I’m so excited to be part of the Spoonflower Ambassador team for 2021. We are a group of 10 global makers ranging from sewists, quilters, interior designers and DIYers. Click here to find out more about the team and what you can expect from us. For transparency, I’ll be signposting any blog posts specifically created in collaboration with Spoonflower as part of my Ambassador work at the opening of the post.

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  1. I love Spoonflower but can get overwhelmed too. I like to shop the winners of the weekly challenges, saving patterns that were popular with other people and speak to me. Congrats on your ambassadorship!

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