I’m sure you noticed that the weather has been a bit crazy this year. First we had that scorching summer and then we thought autumn had come. But in standard British-style the weather has been utterly unpredictable. From frost in the morning to glaring sunshine by noon. I don’t know about you, but it really messed with my wardrobe! I’d wrap up warm to leave the house and end up boiling by the afternoon. It’s too cold to leave without a coat but too hot to even carry one by the end of the day. Enter: the coatigan. For those who don’t know what that is: it’s a coat slash cardigan. Something a little bit heavier than a cardigan but not as heavy as a coat. It’s been all the rage but I have to admit up until now I’ve just stuck with no coat or coat, so this was a first for me. I had this great fabric in my stash which I rediscovered (as you do) when tidying up. I actually offered to make something for Taufiq but he didn’t seem that keen (a decision he’s now regretting!) so opted to make something for myself.

When I started looking, I realised there were so many great coatigan patterns out there. I ended up sketching and planning out a few (from left to right is the Silvia coatigan the Oslo coat and the Sapporo coat). Taufiq got himself a new tablet for ‘work’ and I’ve had so much fun sketching out outfits you can expect a lot more of these from now on!

In the end of fabric was a little too lightweight for any of these so I ended up going with the Shauna coatigan by Sew Magazine. 

Pattern Review: Shauna Coatigan by Sew Magazine

Difficulty: Easy

Sizes: ‘One size fits all’

Type: PDF (print at home)

Price: Free! Whoop!

Fabric: I used a double sided, bonded jersey/knit from Fabric Galore. It’s cozy and medium weight. Not too heavy. Unfortunately I bought it a year ago at the Great British Sewing Bee Expo so can’t link to it for you. 

Sizing and fit:  It’s meant to be a  loose fitting open shape. As it’s a one-size-fits-all kind of pattern it means it’s looseness depends on your size and shape. The sleeves are a two-piece Raglan style sleeve which I find really comfortable.  Especially since I’ve gained a bit of weight from pregnancy, I found the shoulders on outfits quite uncomfortable and tight, so I like that there are no fit issues there.

Construction and instructions:  The construction is pretty simple as it’s an unlined coatigan. The only part that could have been a little bit clearer is the construction of the  collar. The facing attaches to the under collar at the front arm seam and then folds out to become the collar. It’s a little confusing but relatively easy to figure out once I put it on my mannequin. It was a quick make especially since I overlocked most of it.

I ended up hand stitching the hem and the facing down as it made a much cleaner and nicer finish on my fabric. But even all that hand stitching didn’t take that long. I think I did the hand stitching whilst watching some TV one evening.

Adaptations/hacks:  No adaptions or hacks, for once I actually made the pattern as is.

Tips ‘n’ tricks:  I used a walking foot with my stretchy fabric, but other than that I don’t think I have any tips or tricks. The only thing I would consider is the weight of your fabric and whether you want to add some interfacing to the collar. Mine is very floppy but I like that style it makes a little bit more cardigan than coat.


I pretty much wear this coatigan every time I’ve gone out since I’ve made it! The pockets are fantastic- really deep perfect for my phone, keys, wallet (I don’t think I’ve used a purse for years now!) and at least one or two dummies.

It’s great because it’s such as quick and simple make. I’ve kept the PDF cut out to one side because I’m sure that I’ll be coming back to it soon. I’ve had so many compliments about this coatigan and plenty of hints by family for their own. If you’re feeling generous it really would make a great present especially because it doesn’t need any fitting If you can find a bonded fabric like mine (with side of the fabric different from the other) that would be perfect. It gives the illusion of a lined coat with none of the hard work, and I love the contrast when it peeks through.

Have you heard of the Cosy Cardi Challenge? I’m always a bit late to sewing challenges on Instagram and only found out about this after someone commented on one of my Instagram posts. It’s hosted by The Stitch Sisters and Amanda at I Sew Alot. Check out the hashtag (#cosycardichallenge) there’s lots of great prizes to be won and loads of inspiration for the perfect cosy cardigan. This would be a perfect pattern for that!

Let me know if you end up making one yourself!



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  1. Dear Rumana, I have just made a Shauna for my sister in a wonderful mustard fabric. It has turned out to be lovely but the collar/interfacing construction was challenging, to say the least. Glad I persevered because I am so pleased with this project. Thanks for your fabulous blog! Jeanette

    1. Hi Jeanette! Yeah that collar! I found it made more sense when I put it on my mannequin but even then I’m sure I winged it! Glad you liked the end product though, maybe one for yourself next time 😉

    2. Hi Jeanette. Thanks for the lovely comment. So glad it turned out ok. Yes I agree about the neckline. Maybe next time I’ll take some photos. Hope it hasn’t put you off another (maybe for yourself??)

  2. I love your Shauna Coatigan. It looks so comfy and cosy! The grey knit is really flexible too. I’ve got my eye out for a similar one now 🙂 I found the pattern on Sew Magazine and after reading your review I decided to make one too! I also really struggled with that neckline, so I’ve put together some photos for the under collar and facing insertion in case anyone else needs a bit of help – https://sashasews.home.blog/2019/08/24/shauna-coatigan-free-pattern-review/ (scroll a bit). Have you made another one yet?

    1. Oh wow! Thanks so much for making that tutorial. I’ll have to point people towards your blog post. I definitely need a new one, my old one is being worn to death!

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