We’re coming up to one of my favourite times of the year: Ramadan! So I thought I’d share my Ramadan picks, highlighting 8 Muslim-owned shops to have on your radar.

I know we often focus on the physical challenges that come with the month, but there is so much more to it than the lack of food & water during daylight hours. Over the last few years I’ve also really enjoyed sharing my experiences of the month with you. It’s been amazing being able to share snippets of my life and faith with so many people. One thing that struck me last year was just how much we can learn from each other, and just how amazing this community is. I happened to shared a Ramadan countdown calendar and was blown away by teachers going out of their way to buy one for their class so that the Muslim kids would feel included. Honestly, it’s such a small thing but it brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. The world can feel like a very hostile place for Muslims, so these acts of love and inclusion are so special and priceless.

Anyway, this year I thought I would try and be more organised and share some Muslim owned brands I love myself, as well as give a shout out to some small Muslim-own businesses that are new to me too. I’m splitting this into 2 posts (even though most have both Ramadan & Eid products on sale) just to make it easier for you to navigate! If you’re a Muslim, hopefully you’ll find something for you! And if you’re not a Muslim, maybe you’ll find some cards or gift ideas for friends/family.

So let’s go! In no particular order, my 8 picks for Ramadan shopping:

1. Peace & Blessings

Let’s start with the countdown calendar that kicked off my blog post idea. I had this last year (PR gift) and it was so beautiful that I went and bought some for family and friends. If you haven’t come across this brand, you need to check them out. Stunning products, from foiled cards, countdown calendars and notebooks. They’ve even been sold at big retailer’s like John Lewis. And they also cater for other festivals and faiths, from Jewish Occassion cards, secular events and Chinese New Year.

My pick: The countdown calendar (chocolate one or the ‘good deeds’ one)

Website: https://peaceandblessings.co.uk

2. Quote Lovin’

Sticking with the calendar theme, Quote Lovin’ have a gorgeous fabric countdown calendar which you can reuse every year. Alongsdie that they also sell the cutest little bits and bobs, gift boxes and have their own Ramadan journal (and a colouring book for kids). I was given one of these journals as a present and the illustrations are stunning- the type you could cut out and frame.

My pick: ‘My Ramadan Journal’ – if you like cute prints and colour.

Website: https://quotelovin.co.uk/

3. Bakerella Bakes

Another calendar but an edible one this time. This is a company that is new-to-me (found through my call-out for submissions), so it’s not personally tested. But I took one look at this and thought “you guys are going to love this!” Does anything sound more perfect than tucking into a biscuit with your first cup of tea after breaking fast? Perfect for a gift too!

My pick: They specialise in lamingtons, but I would have to go for the Ramadan countdown calendar!

Website: https://www.instagram.com/bakerellabakes/

4. The Datery

The Datery are artisan chocolatiers and date specialists- handmade in London, stocked in Fortnum & Mason. Again, I’ve been lucky to be on the receiving end in gift giving with these and can vouch for their deliciousness. Apart from the packaging being a dream- can we just take a moment to appreciate the new giftbox! On pre-order, I’m hoping to snag one before they sell out!

My pick: The Ramadan Mosaic Giftbox

Website: https://www.thedatery.co.uk/

5. Islamic Moments

Another personal favourite of mine is Islamic Moments. You might have caught them in my Etsy collection (affiliate link.) Again, a one-stop shop for gifts, cards, decor, diaries for Ramadan and beyond. The styling is simple, elegant and timeless.

My pick: Laser cut hanging ornaments

Website: https://islamicmoments.co.uk/

6. Papier and Blue

You know I love making my own decor, but sometimes’ it’s just easier to outsource things. I love the bold colours and designs from Papier and Blue. Another new-to-me small biz that responded to my callout. From intricate cake-toppers to decorations. Their Etsy shop is reopening soon!

My pick: The Purple and Blue lantern Set

Website: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PapierAndBlue (Etsy affiliate link)

7. The Celebrations Company

A brand created by two Mums who wanted to add a little luxury to celebrations in a fuss free and easy way. They have a wide range of decorations, from laser cut outs, paper fans, artificial floral wreaths and much more. A new to me brand, I can see the appeal of this one-stop shop for decorations!

My pick: The Ramadan & Eid Essential Package – everything you need to decorate!

Website: https://thecelebrationscompany.co.uk/

8. Taqdeer Life

We all know that Ramadan is more than the lack of food, or decorations. With the pressures of life, it can be hard to set goals and make that time for prayer and reflection. I have really enjoyed having journals to write and reflect in as they give me something to focus in the midst of everything. A quiet moment. Taqdeer Life is a brand created by a psychotherapist and the products are made with this heavy influence. Don’t get me wrong, they’re beautifully made but they also have substance. Now available at Waterstones too.

My pick: Taqdeer Life journal. Gorgeous quality book (lush cream paper) created with thought and care

Website: https://www.taqdeer.life/

There you have it…

Not an exhaustive list of brands/companies but some which I think you’ll enjoy. Let me know what you think or any products/brands you think I’ve missed out! I’ll be back closer to Eid with a new selection, focussing on Eid gifts and more.

I hope you do join me over on my Instagram as I share more about this holy month and what it means to me.


P.S. I haven’t received anything in return for this feature from any of the brands. Some are ones I have bought from before, been given as a present from family/friends, or previously had a PR gifts from. A couple are new to me via my call on social media for business to be showcased and have not been personally tested by me (those have been clearly noted for transparency).

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