I don’t know about you but every few years I get itchy feet and need to revamp my little blog!

I’ve had this blog for nearly ten years now but it’s pretty unrecognisable from it’s old form. Would you believe that it was mainly to share crochet patterns I made as a medical student? I never really expected many people to read it but every single follower/commenter and visitor brought me so much joy. Slowly I started moving into other crafts, first wedding DIYs and then later as I dipped my toe into sewing I started documenting more of my sewing makes.

After that… well I started taking my sewing blogging a bit more seriously after being on The Great British Sewing Bee (BBC 1) in 2016 and started to use my platform to raise the issue of inclusivity in the sewing community. As my Instagram account grew I found myself spending more time on that, sharing most of my craft and progress through those little squares. I’ve loved connecting with people over Instagram but I’ve neglected my blog. My blog didn’t ‘feel’ like me. I hadn’t touched it in years and when I looked it I just felt a bit… ‘blah’, which in turn meant I just didn’t post on it anymore.

But recently I’ve felt drawn back to it, there’s something nice about having limitless characters and somewhere to archive all those little tidbits of information. So I decided to give it a revamp. But rather than going it alone (like I have in the past- literally everything has been done by me and my husband including all the logos!) I decided to enlist the help of my family and their skills. My sister-in-law created a ‘brand book’ for me, giving me direction for my colour palette and style, and my niece (in the Asian sense of the word) took over the leg work of finding a theme and customising it to suit my needs. It’s been a real collaboration and we’ve worked on it together, learning so much as we’ve done it (and don’t worry of course I’m paying them for their hard work!) and honestly, I am so happy with the end result.

You might find some old posts are formatted differently/don’t look right- honestly, I don’t have the energy to go back and edit them. I will probably end up jiggling things around more as I blog about different things, but hopefully going forward things will be looking bright and beautiful. I really hope this new look blog will inspire me to post more, and hopefully you’ll find it just as inspiring!

Do let me know if you have any feedback, good and bad! And of course feel free to subscribe- I promise I won’t post enough to clog up your inbox!


P.S Here’s a little gallery of my old (and new) logo. We’ve created these all our selves- can you tell our computer skills got a little better over time?

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  1. Love the new look and particularly the new logo 😀 it reminds me of one of your Cricut projects (I think it was a notebook?) you shared recently. Looking forward to reading more blog posts from you. Best, Andrea

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