The other day I got a super cool sewing gift and it made me think: Sewing gifts are the best. I mean, don’t get me wrong- I do love a nice perfume or face cream, but get me a set of Gutermann threads and you’re pulling on my heart strings (sorry, that’s a terrible attempt at sewing humour..) Thankfully there are some great gifts out there- colourful/useful and most importantly, Instagram friendly! Here are my top 10 favourites- feel free to ‘accidentally’ send this post to all your contacts, I won’t tell 😉

1. Pink Coat Club enamel pins/patches (£1.25-£7)

The gift that inspired this post. Maybe I’m just a sucker for shiny things but LOOK AT THEM! These are just as cute in real life as they look- shiny, vibrant colours.There’s even one with the universal sewing mantra: “It has pockets”. I would totally rock that one on a me-made with a super smug “why-yes-my-dress-has-pockets” smile (you know the one!) I also love the nostalgic look of the ‘seamstress’ badge, makes me feel all important!

2. Fiskar scissors (Price depending on type: Classic universal scissors £17 on Amazon)


When it came to buying some fabric scissors, there was only one brand I would consider. I grew up sneakily using my mum’s orange handled pair, and well- if they’re good enough for my mum, they’re good enough for me! These orange handled scissors are iconic and are known for being one of the brand of shears to go for. I bought some for my friend when she started sewing and she was amazed at how great they were compared to some generic sewing ones she had. So give the gift of smooth cutting and endless shouts of “NOT ON PAPER!!” (And yes, I was that naughty girl who used her mum’s fabric scissors for cutting paper! Whoops… Now I give “the look” whenever anyone reaches for mine. How the tables have turned…)

3. The Sewing Book- by Alison Smith (Older editions from £8.99, newer from £17)

I came across this sewing book completely by accident! Just when i started sewing I was in a Homesense store (which generally has a random range of books) and happened to pick this up near the checkout. After a quick browse I decided I buy it, not realising that it’s a popular book in the sewing community. And having had it for years now, I can see why! It’s a great reference book for different techniques. I have the older edition- while the photos are a little dated in style, I’m always reaching for it when I need a reminder on seam finishes/plackets/pleating etc etc. It’s a helpful gift for the beginner through to the well seasoned seamstress.

4. Prymm Magnetic pin holder (£5-£7)

I know this seems like a really dull present. A pin holder? What am I thinking? I kid you not, this is one of the most useful sewing items I own! I can honestly define my sewing life in BC and AC, ‘before-clever pin holder’ and ‘after-clever pin holder’. Angeline and I both got ones after using them on a certain show. It’s exactly what it says it is, a big magnet dish with a lid. Now I can quickly drop my pins mid-sew without worrying about making sure I get it in the pot. And when I drop it (which I inevitably do), most of the pins stay attached. Yay for our feet! Again, this is a gift I’ve given to friends myself as part of a sewing hamper. Sometimes the best gifts are the simplest. If the big blue block isn’t the look for you, they do have a prettier polka dot one too.

5. Pattern weights (Available from Aug 2018)

Ahhh we have all seen the super cute-super Instagrammable pattern weights from Oh Sew Quaint. They literally look good enough to eat. I’m drooling a bit just looking at them. I don’t actually have any of these myself (HINT, family, HINT) but when Danni reopens her Etsy store in August I think I’ll have to indulge myself. Just be sure to have a pack of real biscuits in the cupboard because I have a feeling you might suddenly have a craving for jammy dodgers/bourbons when you use them! But maybe don’t keep them next to each other- wouldn’t want to end your sewing session at the dentist!

6. The Collete Sewing Planner (£25, Sew Essential)


Another looks-cute-but-also-practical gift. I really like the idea of being one of those amazing people who manage to plan their Autumn/Winter makes in Spring/Summer and have all the bits and bobs ready for a project. I’m still an impulse sewer which isn’t ideal when I’m trying to make a me-made wardrobe! This planner helps you set out 50 projects across the year, walking you through  your style and color palette AND help you prioritize what to sew next. There’s also a helpful quick reference section too.

7. Sewing Box Cookies (£30, Custom Cookie Company)

I can personally vouch for what a wonderful gift this is. Sent to me by friends as a “Sewing Bee” present, I was so touched by the surprise package in the post. Not only is it cute, customisable, but they taste scrummy too! Perfect for that sweet fix as you sit at the machine.

8. Alex Monroe Haberdashery Collection (From £105)


Ok, so this is super pricey but I just adore Alex Monroe’s jewellery. I think it started with the infamous Bee necklace- the level of detail in his jewellery is incredible.I’ve even made my way to the sample sales held in London to grab a bargain. I got the shears on sale at John Lewis (one of those, stop in the middle of my stride moments when I saw it in the sale section!) It’s so dainty and it opens and closes! It’s on a longer chain which makes it perfect for wearing with my hijab. So maybe its one for a special birthday/celebration, but definitely makes my top 10 sewing gift list.

9. Sewing prints (Various pricing)

I love a good print. You might have noticed the hilarious one I have on my sewing board (it’s totally unrelated to sewing but I love the colour and the llama). Easy to frame, prints just cheer up sewing spaces. There’s loads out there but this one (pictured) caught my eye because I love a good pun, plus the colours are lovely.

10. Fabric gift cards (Various pricing)

Last but not least, a fabric gift card! Most of the big companies do gift cards (e-cards/vouchers) of some sort. The Sew Over It ones can also be used against classes and are valid for 10 years. TEN! Amazing. For all your stretchy needs, maybe a card from Girl Charlee? Or for some gorgeous prints head to Fabric Godmother? Is there a better gift than the gift of enabling some stash building?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my run down of super-sewing gifts. And remember, if you’ve found this post in your inbox, take the hint! Now excuse me while I count down the days until Oh Sew Quaint opening up again…




Thank you for Joy @ Pink Coat Club for sending me her products for my honest review (they really are great!)–

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  1. Yay! So glad you loved them and thank you so much for including them in your list. I’m listing after that necklace myself! ☺️

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