A bit of an overdue post but you might have noticed that By Hand London released a beautiful coat pattern over the winter (also known as the-never-ending-season in the UK). But more exciting than that- if something could be more exciting than another exquisite BHL pattern- was that they named it after me! To say I was shocked and absolutely honoured to be the namesake of a coat is an understatement. And then to top it off it being a gorgeous coat at that? I was floored! Even this many months after it’s release I still haven’t gotten used to seeing my name popping up on sewing posts/hashtags!

I still can’t thank the lovely ladies at BHL for choosing me for this coat and for being so wonderful about me not being able to model it with this growing baby bump of mine. But aside from the massive (read: MASSIVE) coat envy I have of everyone who’s made it so far, it’s definitely gonna serve as motivation post-partum to get fit and back into sewing asap- no way I’m going into next winter (assuming this winter ends…) without my very own Rumana Coat!  But up until then I’m gonna bask in the glory of all your sleek princess seams and do a little round up of my fave looks so far…

Rumana Coat- By Hand London

Only available as a PDF pattern (£9.50)

“A timeless classic that will never go out of style. The Rumana Coat is fully lined and features flattering princess seams throughout, welt pockets, two-piece sleeves and an elegant collar and lapel. A deeply satisfying sew, this coat will push the boundaries of your sewing skills, and leave you with an impressive garment you will be proud to wear for years to come.”

First up has to be from the BHL ladies themselves:

This red Rumana Coat by @Elisalex is just… well it just speaks for itself doesn’t it? I love how the bright colour makes the classic shape stand out and look so glam.


A second BHL original with @charlottehintzen . Now it might be because I just binge watched The Crown on Netflix, but to me this powder blue version just oozes regal vibes.

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I love how this next one from @threadsnips showcases how a classic shape is super adaptable and can be styled so differently. I also have a soft spot for the deep wine colour…

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Lets be honest, coats are not easy makes- they really are a “slow sewing” project. There’s a whole lot of effort that go into making them but the satisfaction of finishing one is second to none. But knowing the time it takes to make one I’m drawn to the idea of doing one in a classic colour, one I won’t get bored of when the next season’s ‘colour’ comes out. I can see these ones (by @sewstrings in a beautiful brown/khaki wool, navy blue by @nicky_by_hand ) being a long-lasting and loved wardrobe staple. Plus the lining just adds that touch of uniqueness that only comes with sewing your own clothes.


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Speaking of linings, how could I not include this stunner from @cottonreelstudio ? The outer. The inner. Hearts skip a beat across the sewing world!

Dare I admit it, but I tended to be one of those boring plain lining/not really that bothered about the insides of my garments type of gal, but I’ve learnt that it’s these tiny details which make garments go that extra mile and make things so much more special. It’s those little details that couture designers will spend hours over- the buttons, the lining etc. because those are the special touches that make garments stand out. 


Last but not least, is actually a scrap-busting toile from @DIY_wardrobe. I know she probably wasn’t intending it to be inspiration for colour blocking the Rumana Coat, but judging by the comments I’m not the only one who thinks this  could be a great idea! You can just see how the panels could be used to highlight the gorgeous seam lines. And this cream/black combination is a little bit Chanel don’t you think? Gah. Please someone do this already!

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Sadly I’ve got a while before I can make any of my Rumana Coat dreams come true. But for those of you who can get stuck in, I hope you’ve found some inspiration from this post! Don’t forget to check out the hashtag #rumanacoat and #bhlrumana for more inspiration. Plus for the sew-along (I love a good sew-along and actually prefer them to using the written instructions that come with patterns), click here.



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  1. Gorgeous pattern & the made up coats all look fabulous! How brilliant to have a coat named after you 🙂

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