Now, I’ve been sitting on this pattern for weeks. Weeks. It’s not that I’ve been keeping it to myself, it’s just that I’ve had the biggest mental block ever. It’s not for lack of stories to tell or pattern to post. I just haven’t been able to make a post. I’d sit here, write a few sentences, fail miserably and go off and watch some New Girl (who, by the way, loves crocheting). I was almost tempted to just post the pattern and leave it at that. But that felt too empty. Does anyone else get that type of block? Anyway, I think I’ve pulled myself together enough to do this post- though, regretfully I don’t think it’ll be my best.

So today’s pattern is a crochet lace headband. It’s inspired by my sister-in-law (big one) who recently started to wear hijab (if you’re wondering why I would be making a hair accessory for someone who er… covers up their hair- oh you have so much to learn about us 🙂 Let’s just say, we love to accessorise).

I wanted to make something simple and classic that could be worn with any outfit. And knowing her love for all things bling, I had to add some sparkly beads in there too. I ended up loving the band so much I made one for myself the very next day and used up ALL of my cream crochet thread. All of it! As in, I got to the cardboard tubey bit. The centre of the lush balls of thread we never think we’ll see the inside of. The centre that probably holds the key to Narnia. Whenever I buy these things I never expect them to run out. I mean there’s literally metres and metres of the stuff! But there I was: cardboard tubey bit in hand. And turns out, it’s just a bit of cardboard. Sad times. No Aslan for me.

Here’s the free PDF for the pattern: Vintage-Crochet-Headband
(Sorry that I’ve stopped writing up the pattern in my posts. It’s just easier to do one thing rather than bulking up my posts with row upon row of crochet language. If you do have trouble with the link, let me know.) I used cream crochet thread and these lovely beads that are clear with silver in the eye of the bead giving it a subtle shine.

In other news, I’m so excited. I have a friend who has forever told me she would resist me dragging her into the crochet/knitting world. Though happy to be the recipient of any handmade goodness, she point blank refused to learn these skills herself. Yes. You guessed it. I turned her! I’m not sure why I feel an evil cackle coming on. But: mwah ha ha! All it took was a bun in the oven. Not of the food sort. She’s expecting a baby niece (the first in the family) and felt it was time to flex those needles. An hour or two of one-on-one teaching, some SOS calls and a few weeks later she’s made a blanket bunny! (Photos to come soon.) And predictably, she’s hooked. Hooked! Get it? Crochet joke.

So that’s two friends I’ve converted (I taught another at the same time). Watch out the rest of you. I’m coming for you…


little pomegranate

P.s. In light of some confusion with the pattern, here are some photos of row 7 being made up in wool to make it clearer. Hope it helps!free-crochet-headband-stepbystep1free-crochet-headband-step2

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  1. Youtube has awesome tutorials. I just hate how long crocheting and knitting takes. (A bit impatient here!) hence why I don’t do alot of knitting – also I don’t know how to finish the knit, or not make the knits too tight 🙁

    1. I feel your pain! I hate knitting. Plus after finishing Tree’s ridiculously-annoying-to-knit scarf I think I’m going to take a much needed break from it. But you do get quicker with practice! It took me ages to learn how to finish off- but it’s actually one of the easiest bits!

      And Youtube is always a winner!

    1. Hi, Sorry I don’t have a Youtube Channel! As you can see, I barely get time to update my site anymore! Is there something in particular you wanted a video for?

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